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Manuel Forner «Hize»

Hize began painting graffiti from a young age in 1995. He studied Fine Arts, but soon focused on his career in the Entertainment business as a Breakdancer. After many years dancing in the street, he managed to jump into television programs and dance companies, creating his own shows, which would later take him to work around the world.

He was more than 25 years painting ephemeral interventions in the street, then he decided to experiment with his work in the studio. This experimentation is based on the abstract shapes found in traditional graffiti.

Whether on stage or on canvas. Both disciplines, in principle distant, are connected in elements such as movement, which he symbolizes through corporal expression or through the arrangement of the letters from which his painting starts.

Hize has participated in several exhibitions abroad such as Osaka contemporary art museum in Japan and Expo 2020 Dubai among others. He has collaborated with brands such as Instagram, Bvlgari and Valentino to name just a few.


Manuel Forner (Hize)
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